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Jim Shilstone
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We regret to announce that on December 18, 2010, Jim Shilstone passed away. In January, 2011 Jay Shilstone started working full time for Command Alkon, Inc., the Birmingham, AL, company long known for its COMMANDseries dispatch software and for COMMANDqc, the quality control software originally designed by Ken Day as the ConAd system.

Although Jay works full-time for Command Alkon, he is allowed to perform limited consulting for outside clients. Concrete Producers should arrange for Jay's services through Command Alkon, but Architects, Contractors, Owners and all others may contact Jay through The Shilstone Companies, Inc.


The Shilstone Companies provides a wide variety of services, but services fall into 2 primary areas - architectural concrete and concrete quality control (including mix design).


If you are interested in concrete quality control software, we recommend you check out COMMANDqc, from Command Alkon. This full featured concrete quality management system is meant for concrete producers who need to manage large numbers of concrete mixes at the same time. Whether you have 1 plant or 100 plants, COMMANDqc can help producers make better concrete.

In 2005 the Shilstone sold their software business to Contek, in Montreal, Canada. For information about seeMIX please contact Contek. Please be aware that no Shilstones are involved with Contek any more.

Giving Back

My father and I have always believed in participating in the industry and giving back to it whenever possible. For my father this was primarily in the form of attending ACI and ASTM meetings, doing speeches and writing articles for publications. I have added providing Internet Resources to the list. On the left you will see websites and other venues that I participate in. More will be added as they become available. Most of the "Concrete Supersite BBS" entries that were previously on this website will migrate to a new domain, CONCRETE.CO, that I am setting up as a concrete portal. Hopefully there will be more on this soon.


Jay's travel schedule for Fall, 2013 is as follows:
  • Sept 22-24 - NRMCA ConcreteWorks in Las Vegas
  • Oct 8-11 - Command Alkon Customer Conference in Las Vegas
  • Oct 18-19 - ACI Workshop "Concrete in the Americas" in Phoenix,AZ
  • Oct 20-23 - ACI Convention in Phoenix
  • Dec 8-11 - ASTM meeting in Jacksonville, FL
If you will be at one of these events, please look him up!

Jay's blog is currently running a series on "Concrete Mix Design: Art and Science". If you are interested in mix design, please check it out.

Interested in finding out how your concrete QC department can become a profit center and increase income? Attend Jay's seminar "Concrete Quality Control as a Profit Center" to be held in Chicago, IL on May 16 & 17, 2013.

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